Sal(La Habra)

I had a severe back pain. 

Very good job.

Few treatments made me so good.

I am going to recommend to my friends.

Thank you for your help.

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My Bell's palsy gone and I can smile again!! file

Trisha(Fountain Valley) On Christmas day 12/25/2017, I woke up with ½ of my left face was paralyzed. I thought I had stroke. I went to emergency room; doctor said that I had Bell’s palsy. They did not know when I would get healed back. My m...

My shoulder pain is gone. file

Josefina(Orange) Thank you to the Doctor. I had shoulders pain. I felt terrible before coming here. Now I feel better I am happy. The pain is gone. This medicine is a miracle. My sister has used this medicine for a headache. She recommended...

My severe right knee and leg pain was healed!!! file

Tjoan(Huntington Beach) Due to my misstep while I was walking, my right leg was twisted at the knee area. It started to be very painful on the second day and I hardly could move my leg. I went to my doctor of J acupuncture that day seeking ...

My all the symptoms of insomnia, lower back pain, pre-diabetes and stiffness were gone!!! file

Alice(Anaheim) I came to J acupuncture on May 3, 2017 with the following health problem. Insomnia, lower back pain, pre-diabetes(from 110 to 120) and stiffness in my index finger in every morning. After 3 months acupuncture treatments, my h...

J acupuncture is the best because my gas bloating, neck, shoulder and arm's pain was completely treated!!!

Maurice(Westminster) I had gas bloating stomach, and left arm pain from neck and shoulder pain. - Noticeable improvements first after a couple visits - Affordable costs - A combination of treatment methods enhances the effectiveness and re...

My neck and shoulder pain was over 90% better now! file

Dinna(Anaheim) I was having some neck and shoulder pain. Pain relief ointment and pads were not working. So I went to J acupuncture and saw my doctor. After few visits, I was already getting some relief! Now I can move my neck and shoulder ...

My severe neck pain from the herniated disk was almost gone!!

Lydia(Anaheim) This is the first time I tried acupuncture and love it! I got in a car accident 2 years ago and I have been going to western doctors for my neck pain in the last 2 years I received a total of 5 epidural shots for 3 herniated d...

My severe back pain was gone.

Sal(La Habra) I had a severe back pain. Very good job. Few treatments made me so good. I am going to recommend to my friends. Thank you for your help.

My 3 years old severe sciatic hamstring problem was gone!!! file

Virginia(Huntington Beach) I have many tennis friends who have gone to J acupuncture and recommended them to me. I had a very painful sciatic hamstring problem- pain in buttocks and down the leg for 3 years. I tried different treatments but...

My carpal tunnel pain was gone even though I could not use a pen before treatment!! file

Kwee(Placentia) I have Carpal tunnel on my right hand for a few months. I could not lift heavy things and could not use scissor to cut things and could not use a pen to write. After few acupuncture sessions, the pain has lessened. After 3 w...

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