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Joe A. (Westminster)



I had minor stroke side effects, especially on my face.


I have been visiting my doctor for several months. Since seeing my doctor, my quality of life has improved significantly. In the beginning, I was skeptical about acupuncture would heal many of the ailments effecting my life.


However it did not take long for my doctor’s therapy to deliver results. I have seen dramatic changes in reference to my minor stroke side effects. My doctor is very knowledgeable to treat patients with respect. He asks questions and listens to patient concerns. My doctor had made a very positive change for my condition.

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My western doctors were very amazed of my fast recovery by acupuncture! file

Tony T (San Clemente) I got my stroke on March 26, 2014. I was 70 years old. My left side of my bode was still weak and I was still using a cane to walk when I first came to J acupuncture, in Garden Grove, CA for treatment on April 24, 2014...

My severe leg pain is gone. file

Dung T. (Garden Grove) I had severe leg pain. Before coming here, I have tried lots of medication but the pain was still there until the day I met my doctor for acupuncture and his medication. Now I feel a lot better and no more pain. Thank...

Pain and weakness of my arm was completely gone! file

Mary B. (Lake Forest) For a couple of months, I had pain in my right arm and it felt weak. I was in pain every day. One day, one of my friends told me about J Acupuncture in Garden Grove. She went there for her treatment and got better. I c...

My dizziness, diarrhea, coldness of hands and feet problem were gone! file

Xich L. (Westminster) I had dizziness, diarrhea, coldness of hands and feet problem. I have been coming here for above symptoms treatments for around 2 weeks. And now I am better. All of the above symptoms are gone. I want to say thanks to ...

My foot pain and blurred eye problem were gone.

Kim T. (Garden Grove) My friend recommended J acupuncture and I try with my doctor who treatment my symptoms. Now I could say that I am really happy after 12 times treatment. My foot is back to normal and my blurred eyes were gone in just ab...

After three times visiting, I became perfect from the whole body pain. file

Martha J. (Seal Beach) I travelled northern Europe 2 weeks. I really enjoyed Norway’s nature and Russian’s culture of Peter the great’s age. However, I fell on escalator accidently. After one night sleep, my whole body was blue colored. Jus...

I could not walk without walker before but now I can! file

Nancy L. (Buena Park) I came to the J acupuncture group on June, 24 suffering excruciating back pain felt like sciatica to the point I could not walk without the existence of a walker! Had visited several medical chiropractic and acupunctur...

It is a very positive change for my minor stroke side effects! file

Joe A. (Westminster) I had minor stroke side effects, especially on my face. I have been visiting my doctor for several months. Since seeing my doctor, my quality of life has improved significantly. In the beginning, I was skeptical about a...

I believe in acupuncture treament. You can not argue with the result! file

Gabriella T. (Orange) I came to the clinic with the problems of dizziness, fatigue, and slightly high blood pressure. After several treatments the outcome is great. I sleep like a baby, the fatigue has gone and my blood pressure is signific...

My toes did not move due to stroke but now I can move after second treatment! file

Quan N. (Dover, Florida) By the result from a stroke in Feb 25, 2013, I lost mobility on right side; leg/foot/toes not moving properly. On June 20, 2014, I and my family went to California for vacation and was told that my doctor providing ...

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