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Phu ( Stanton)


I had stoke problem but feel better around 95%.


Thanks so much to the doctor who has been treated me for the last couple months.




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Western doctors told me there is no way to treat, but my son's Bells palsy was treated at J acupuncture! file

Irvin (Colton) My name is Danny, I am writing this about J acupuncture and my doctor, not because I am doing advertisement for him, these are all from my heart. My son is Irvin, he had Bell’s Palsy. I was really worried about him. I took hi...

I feel better around 95% from my severe shoulder pain file

Nga (Santa Ana) I had pain a lot on my right shoulder, couldn’t move up or down normally. After getting treatment at J Acupuncture from my doctor and all the assistant doctors, I feel better around 95%, only a little pain left. I want to sa...

I am able to move my arm up and down now! file

Dieu (Louisville Kentucky) My right shoulder blade has been painful for 2 months and I have gone to medical doctor and took medicine but the pain is still there. I traveled to California to visit my sister who lives in Santa Ana and my neph...

Now I can walk normally only for a shor time! file

 Dan (Gardena) I had knee pain and legs were too weak to walk normally. However, my doctor has used acupuncture treatments to help me. I was totally surprised because these acupuncture treatments can bring out the very good results for me...

The program helped me to lose 7.5 pounds and I have gained some strength and energy.

Cynthia (Huntington Beach) I signed up for the detox/diet program. It was for two weeks and added additional three weeks sessions for maintenance and I lost 7.5 pounds. I signed up hoping to help me lose some weight. And the program helped ...

I have recommended 11 of my friends for Detox program!! file

Marie (Huntington Beach) Detox Wow!! It really works!! I took detox and diet program in J acupuncture for 2 weeks and maintenence and I lost 11 pounds. No more doctor’s appointments for three months!! My blood sugar, cholesterol and high bl...

My neck and back pain are gone. file

Steve (Buena Park) I came to J acupuncture because I hurt my back. During the initial diagnosis, the doctor figured out exactly where the problem area was. I had told them that I was experiencing neck pains as well and they began treatment ...

I had stoke problem but feel better around 95%. file

Phu ( Stanton) I had stoke problem but feel better around 95%. Thanks so much to the doctor who has been treated me for the last couple months.

I took 2 weeks detox & diet program and lost 7.5lbs. file

Reynaldo (La Mirada) I took 2 weeks detox & diet program and follow the maintenance period for 6 weeks, and then I have lost 7.5lbs. I primarily got in to the program for the detox portion of it. I felt that I had a lot of toxic accumul...

Arthritis and gout on the knee and foot are gone now!

Tri (Union City near San Francisco) My husband and I came down from Union City (near San Francisco) to seek acupuncture treatment. My husband has arthritis and gout. He was swollen from his knee to his foot. He was in so much pain that he n...

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