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My lower back pain is gone. file

Julie(Fullerton) I had lower back pain a lot for a long time. However, My doctor did a very good job. All my pain is gone. We(me and my husband) will recommend other people to see my doctor if they have pain in their body.

Now I can walk without pain!

Mindaugas(Santa Ana) When I first came into the clinic, I was barely walking. After only 3-4 sessions, I bounced back to the point that I could walk without pain. After another 2 sessions, pain is virtually gone. I will definitely going to r...

I had stroke, but now I am back to normal! file

Kristoffer (Westminster) - Happened at: Jan 2nd, 2015 at 2:15am - I went to FV: Jan 3rd, 2015 at 11:45pm - Checked out: Jan, 21st, 2015 and went home. - On Feb 1st, 2015, I went to J acupuncture. At that time, I could not move my hand and l...

Now my knees are all better and no more pain! file

Mui(Sacramento) Thanks! My name is Mui, I live in Sacramento. My knees are swollen and too much pain to walk normally. I moved to Từ Ân Thiền Đường(kind of temple) to pray. I met Ms. Nga there and she introduced me to J Acupuncture. My doct...

My insomnia and nervous palpitations are gone! file

Nery(Fountain Valley) I came with insomnia and nervous palpitations. Chinese medicine really helped me. It took a while but the medicine really worked.

I have no more mouth pain now.

Huyen(Hacienda Heights) After getting treatments from my doctor, my mouth got better a lot and no more pain. I can feel that my doctor is very careful, conscientious, and friendly while treating patients. Assistants here are also devoted, ca...

My arthritis pain is gone and I stop the strong medication!

Marketta(Palos Verdes) To whom it may concern; I just wanted to share my experience with others, so that if they are skeptical about acupuncture don’t be the results of my visits have been phenomenal. I was in chronic pain that has to do ...

I cannot thank you enough for helping us conceiving this miracle baby! file

Erendira (Lakewood) To my dearest doctor My husband, Michael and I cannot thank you enough for helping us conceiving this miracle baby! Thank you so very much for bringing hope and faith back we had as with all the failed in vitro Fertiliza...

My back pain is much better. file

Bill (Garden Grove) Last month, I got hurt my back. My friend introduced J acupuncture to me and I am coming here. Thank you, my doctor for taking care of my back problem. After I received acupuncture treatments couple of times, I could go ...

My pain due to spinal degeneration and sciatica is cured completely.

Thanh (Santa Ana) I am a patient at J acupuncture clinic through the introduction of my friend. When I came first here, my back was painful a lot. So, I could not move my spine normally and walk either. I have gotten treatments for 2 months....

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