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Martha (Santa Ana)


I had severe pain on my hips and lumbar area after my last baby was born in 2007. I looked for help through western medicine. However, nothing helped me to manage the awful pain and in fact I was getting sicker and worse with the side effects from the medication. Moreover, I could not do anything to keep my weight down. It had been same since 2007! It did not matter how much exercise I was doing nor the changes on the healthy food I would eat.


A friend told me about J Acupuncture and that is when my life changed to be better! The Doctors are the best. I have never seen such professional to the most extreme and highest level like J acupuncture. I lost a total of 10 pounds after  weight loss treatments and I continue to lose more and keep my weight down. No more pain on hips, lumbar area and knees.


The staff at J Acupuncture are so kind, understandable and care well to all patients. You will feel like a family environment. I have referred my family and friends. Even relatives living aboard have come to see my doctor, the wonderful other doctors and staff at J acupuncture. A total of 12 people from my family have been treated at J acupuncture.


Do not waste your time and your money going to other places. Only at J acupuncture, you will find the end to your pain. God bless all doctors and their staff. I only trust them!

List of Articles

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Martha (Santa Ana) I had severe pain on my hips and lumbar area after my last baby was born in 2007. I looked for help through western medicine. However, nothing helped me to manage the awful pain...

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