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No more left leg pain caused by pinched nerve. file

Willis(Anaheim) I had pinched nerve resulting severe pain in my left leg. At J acupuncture, I have received 7 treatments pertaining to my problem. I have experienced positive results I recommend acupuncture to anyone with like symptoms.

My lower back and calves pain are gone! file

Chung(Santa Ana) I had lower back and calves pain. However, my doctor has been treating me very well. He has helped me reduce the pain a lot. Thank you very much for your caring. Also I would like to thank you other staff for helping me.

Now my eyes are back to normal! file

Cody(Santa Ana) I had treatment for my eyes. I had difficulty moving my eyes ball around. Now my eyes are back to normal thanks to acupuncture. I sincerely appreciate doctors and all office staff for caring treatment and valuable time. Than...

My shoulder pain related arthritis is almost gone.

Diem(Fountain Valley) I have arthritis on my right shoulder. Instead of following physical therapy as my medical doctor’s recommendation, I visited J Acupuncture to get treatments and acupressure. After 7 times, my arthritis was much better ...

I was hesitant to try acupuncture before but now my lowerback pain is alomost gone!

Patricio(Diamond Bar) At the beginning, I was hesitant to try acupuncture, primarily because I know nothing about it. However, when both my pain doctor and my surgeon recommended acupuncture for my back problem, I thought I should give it a...

The pain of my shoulder, elbow, hand, two legs is gone! file

Tiffanie(Anaheim) My shoulder, elbow and hand on my right side were aching and stiff. Two legs were also so sore and tired. However, I feel much better after couple weeks of acupunctures here! I’m very happy without the pain lately! My doct...

Physical therapy was not helpful but acupuncture fix my problem for my waist and thumb! file

Carole(Westminster) I was having pain on my waist and thumb. I want to physical therapy but still had pain. I was referred to “J Acupuncture” by a friend at nail salon. After my second treatment, I notice less pain and more movement in my t...

My Bell's Palsy is gone.

Le(Garden Grove) I had Bell's Palsy. However, J Acupuncture's doctors helped to cure my problem with care. After 29 days from I got first treatment here, my problem is gone now. I am very thankful and grateful to my doctor and all the staff.

My achilles tendonitis problem is gone and I give you 5 stars!! file

Candie(Garden Grove) I had achilles tendonitis. Tried regular treatment- still painful after almost a year. Decided to try acupuncture after 4 treatments much improved. Had 10 more treatments because I also have spider and varicose veins. M...

My spine area pain is gone with your genuine care! file

Hong I would like to thank you sincerely with my heart. I felt genuine care from you have given in treating my pain of spine area. Thanks to you. I have been feeling so much better and I am able to go my normal life without much discomfort....

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