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My back and sciatic nerve pain had disappeared!

Lan (Orange) I had been suffered with back pain and sciatic nerve pain for a few months. I could not sleep for one week with these pains become worst. One of my friends at work referred me to J acupuncture. After I got treated for 1 week, m...

After two weeks of treatment, the pain almost goes away! file

Tam (Garden Grove) Thank you my doctor and J acupuncture. I had the pain on my legs. However, after two weeks of treatment, the pain almost goes away. My doctor and his group are very gentle and professional. Thank again.

Treatment was incredible and execellent! file

Phong (Garden Grove) I had the back pain. But treatment was incredible and excellent. Thank you my doctor and J acupuncture group.

My heart burn was gone and I have also lost about 25 pounds!! file

Mehdi (La Habra) I have started the weight los program at J acupuncture clinic under my doctor’s supervision about 6 weeks ago to reduce my regular heart burn symptoms I was experiencing. After 5 weeks following my doctor’s instructions, no...

My whole body pain is almost better 90~95%! file

Nhan (Garden Grove) I had pain on the joint from head to hands, legs and all over my body. After I came here for few treatments, I felt much better, almost better 90-95%. Sincerely thank to all doctors and staffs for taking care of me kindly.

After 7th treatment, I could walk easily! file

Lap (Garden Grove) I had sciatic pain on right side and numbness on left leg due to spine degeneration Because of sciatic pain, I couldn’t lift up my leg and walk normally; I didn’t want to take any pain medication. I wanted to see how acup...

Acupuncture treatment was a miracle because western doctor could not do anything for me! file

Quang (F. Valley) My friend introduced me to this clinic. After each treatment, I felt much better. After 2 weeks, my pain was completely gone. It was a miracle because western doctor could not do anything. I felt much better, no pain and t...

My back pain is getting better day by day! file

Jason (Santa) I was feeling the back pain for a year and I went to one of those chiropractic centers for treatment. But the back pain was not going away. My friend suggested that I should try the acupuncture and he told me to go to this pla...

After 5 treatment, I feel fantastic! file

Dee Dee (Cornurlle, AZ) My doctor was recommended to me by someone I met on a cruise and she said it worked to help her. I had acupuncture treatment before but it did not work. Thankfully I felt pain relief within a few treatments and now a...

Now I feel much better from neck and shoulder pain!

My (Garden Grove) I was treated by doctors of J acupuncture for 2 weeks and thanks for that. I now feel much better for my situation of my health: - Pains in my right shoulder and neck disappeared - Pain in my left shoulder is 90% good. I w...

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