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Treatment was incredible and execellent! file

Phong (Garden Grove) I had the back pain. But treatment was incredible and excellent. Thank you my doctor and J acupuncture group.

My heart burn was gone and I have also lost about 25 pounds!! file

Mehdi (La Habra) I have started the weight los program at J acupuncture clinic under my doctor’s supervision about 6 weeks ago to reduce my regular heart burn symptoms I was experiencing. After 5 ...

My whole body pain is almost better 90~95%! file

Nhan (Garden Grove) I had pain on the joint from head to hands, legs and all over my body. After I came here for few treatments, I felt much better, almost better 90-95%. Sincerely thank ...

After 7th treatment, I could walk easily! file

Lap (Garden Grove) I had sciatic pain on right side and numbness on left leg due to spine degeneration Because of sciatic pain, I couldn’t lift up my leg and walk normally; I didn’t want ...

Acupuncture treatment was a miracle because western doctor could not do anything for me! file

Quang (F. Valley) My friend introduced me to this clinic. After each treatment, I felt much better. After 2 weeks, my pain was completely gone. It was a miracle because western doctor could no...

My back pain is getting better day by day! file

Jason (Santa) I was feeling the back pain for a year and I went to one of those chiropractic centers for treatment. But the back pain was not going away. My friend suggested that I should t...

After 5 treatment, I feel fantastic! file

Dee Dee (Cornurlle, AZ) My doctor was recommended to me by someone I met on a cruise and she said it worked to help her. I had acupuncture treatment before but it did not work. Thankfull...

Now I feel much better from neck and shoulder pain!

My (Garden Grove) I was treated by doctors of J acupuncture for 2 weeks and thanks for that. I now feel much better for my situation of my health: - Pains in my right shoulder and neck disap...

My right leg pain is gone! file

Maria (Garden Grove) Dear my doctor, I want to thank you for healing my pain on my right leg. I thought the pain would never go away, so a million thanks to you.

My elbow pain is gone completely! file

Monica (Anaheim) For 3 weeks, I had elbow pain and the pain was increased. Sometimes I can’t sleep at night due to pain. After one week of treatments, I feel the different and now after ...

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