Van D. (Anaheim)



My name is Van. I was recommended by a friend who came here for acupuncture and got better a lot.


I came here and my doctor did acupuncture and additional treatments for me. In my childhood I had 'Polio', so my legs are usually painful, especially the knees and heels. I have come here for two and half months. Now I have got better a lot about 80%.


I want to say thanks to my doctor who cared a lot for me with much enthusiasm.

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208 I could not walk well but now I can walk upstairs. file administrator Sep 16, 2014 5422
207 My vertigo was gone and knee pain was better about 90%. administrator Sep 16, 2014 4265
206 I do not use wheel chair or walker anymore after acupuncture treatments! administrator Sep 16, 2014 4115
» My pain of legs, knees and heels by 'Polio' got better about 80%! administrator Sep 16, 2014 4395
204 My numbness of arm and coughing problem is gone for 3 weeks! file administrator Sep 16, 2014 5078
203 My knee pain is 95% better. file administrator Apr 16, 2014 7119
202 My depression, stuffing nose, shoulder pain, numbness of hands and feet, and stomach aches are much better! file administrator Apr 16, 2014 5496
201 I can not thank you enough for my arm pain go away. file administrator Apr 16, 2014 5161
200 My severe back pain is almost gone. file administrator Apr 16, 2014 10817
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