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Paul N. (Westminster)


I had numbness on my arm for over 2 years; at first it wasn’t that serious. I usually do exercise and play ping pong at work. The situation has got worse day after day because of working too hard. The numbness is even more when I lift up my arm than leave it down. When it’s down, the numbness is only at the hand. This situation lasts for a long time, luckily a friend told me about this clinic, J Acupuncture.


For the first two weeks, I did not feel any improvement. I even had more numbness at that time. However, when my doctor had treated me, after the first week, I felt better about 80%. My doctor not only did a good job for numbness of arm, but also helped me to relief my coughing problem which annoyed me in 3 weeks.  I believe my doctor can help me with my problem. Assistants are very nice. Thanks to my doctor and all assistants.


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