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My pain on the shoulders and the arms is gone! file

Tuyet N. I had shoulder pain and arm pain. After 2 week treatments, my pain on the shoulders and the arms is gone. I want to say thanks to all the doctor and assistants here.

I could not walk well but now I can walk upstairs. file

Thanh N. (Santa Ana) Thank you so much to these Korean doctors here. I had this knee pain 4 days ago and I came here by introduction of my friend. Before I came here, I couldn’t walk well. But after acupuncture treatments for a week, I can ...

My vertigo was gone and knee pain was better about 90%.

Paul C. (Tustin) This is my first time to use acupuncture for the treatment of pain and vertigo. Treatment on my knees was very successful. The pain relief was about 90% successful. Allowing me to sleep at night without recurring pain. A goo...

I do not use wheel chair or walker anymore after acupuncture treatments!

Mary M. Ph.D. On 2011, shortly, after my husband passed away, I was diagnosed with severe arthritis on my right ankle. Three Doctors, two of them specialized in ankle surgery told me I need to replace my ankle immediately. By that time, I w...

My pain of legs, knees and heels by 'Polio' got better about 80%!

Van D. (Anaheim) My name is Van. I was recommended by a friend who came here for acupuncture and got better a lot. I came here and my doctor did acupuncture and additional treatments for me. In my childhood I had 'Polio', so my legs are usu...

My numbness of arm and coughing problem is gone for 3 weeks! file

Paul N. (Westminster) I had numbness on my arm for over 2 years; at first it wasn’t that serious. I usually do exercise and play ping pong at work. The situation has got worse day after day because of working too hard. The numbness is even ...

My knee pain is 95% better. file

Cynthia (Buena Park) I injured both of my knees but on June I went to the physical therapy but I didn’t get any better instead it was getting worst. I heard from a friend about J Acupuncture. I went to see my doctor at the end of October an...

My depression, stuffing nose, shoulder pain, numbness of hands and feet, and stomach aches are much better! file

My (Los Angeles) I had depression, stuffing nose, shoulder pain, numbness of hands and feet, and stomach aches. I Have been going to J Acupuncture from Sep 2013 to now (Mar 2014), only 2- 3 times a month but I feel a lot better every time I...

I can not thank you enough for my arm pain go away. file

Yong (Westminster) I came here because I had a lot of pain in my arm. After the first treatment, I felt better right away. After several more treatments, I feel 95% better. I can not thank you enough for making my pain go away.

My severe back pain is almost gone. file

Ashley (Long Beach) I had severe back pain. So, I have been doing my treatment for 2 weeks now (3 times a week), and I have noticed a big difference in my pain level. When I first came in, I was in pain everyday but now I feel barely any pa...

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