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I stopped smoking and my foot pain is gone! file

Bill(Anaheim) I was told about this from a man at work. I had this for smoking and it worked. I had a lot of foot pain and after a few treatments I had no pain at all.

My shoulder and arm pain are cured! file

Nelson(Anaheim) My name is Nelson. I had shoulders and arms pain for 1 year. After seeing my doctor here, my pain was cured. My doctor is very professional and he has helped many patients get rid of pain as I was heard before coming here.

I am now able to do my normal routine! file

Dave(Long Beach) I had nerve Pain, aching and muscle pain in right hand, fingers, thumb forearm and shoulder. After 2 sets of treatments, my symptoms and pain are virtually gone. Before I came to J acupuncture, I had to wear a wrist brace a...

Now I can walk without pain on my knee! file

Mui (Chino) I had knee pain, it was too hard to walk. I have tried couple places to reduce the pain but I have not seen any result. After getting treatment at J Acupuncture, about a month, now I can walk normally. Thanks a lot to the doctor...

My right arm and chest pain is gone and left arm is 90% better!

Mien (Garden Grove) I had both arm pain that left side is more than right and left chest pain. After 12 treatments I can feel that my right arm pain is completely gone 100%, and left arm has about 10% left. And also left chest pain is gone....

Nothing helped me but J acupuncture treated my hip and lower back pain! file

Martha (Santa Ana) I had severe pain on my hips and lumbar area after my last baby was born in 2007. I looked for help through western medicine. However, nothing helped me to manage the awful pain and in fact I was getting sicker and worse ...

My arthritis and gout of hand and elbow are gone!

Trung (Huntington Beach) I have arthritis pain on right hand, left elbow and difficulty in urination. The doctor at J Acupuncture clinic has treated Gout symptoms and arthritis on my hands. With acupuncture and acupressure, pain on my hands...

Bell's palsy is gone and my face is 100% back to normal.

Duyen (Garden Grove) My name is Duyen, 35 years old. I got bell’s palsy 2 months ago after had been cold flu for 2 weeks. It was so scary. My husband took me to emergency room because the symptoms look like I got stroke. After check up, the...

I lost 18.3lbs after 5 weeks detox & diet program! file

Maria(Garden Grove) My name is Maria and I'm glad I started this diet. I took detox and diet program for 5 weeks and lost 18.3lbs. At first I felt difficult but on the 2nd week, it was easier to follow. Thank you for finding this clinic tha...

My severe pain on the back and leg were eliminated entirely! file

Nam(Fullerton) I had severe pain in the back and leg. I was treated by a surgeon of St. Judes clinic, but the treatment was not completely successful. A friend referred me to one of doctor of J acupuncture. The acupuncture treatment elimina...

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