My Bell's Palsy is gone.

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I had Bell's Palsy.

I recommend this office.

Very professional staff.

Treatment was successful.
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My skin cleared up and no more western medicine!! file

Gilda(Huntington Beach) I have had this skin problem for at least 2 years. It would come and go and had worsened lately. Western medicine recommended Soriatane(Acitretin). When I filled the prescription, I was also handed five pages of poss...

I am able to stand and walk without pain now!

Diem(Anaheim) In my first treatment, I could not lift my left leg up and lie down on left side. However, after 1 month treatments(3 times/week), I’m able to stand and walk without pain and almost back to normal. A lot of thanks to my doctor...

My skin itchiness problem is gone! file

Peter(Mission Viejo) After 12 treatments, my skin got better and no more itchiness. Thank you my doctor and J acupuncture. I’ve tried herb before coming here which wasn’t effective as well as affect to my blood pressure condition. I think a...

My Bell's palsy has now been completely healed after only 8 times treatments!!!

Mindy(Irvine) The left side of my face was paralyzed and initially. It was difficult for me to close one eye at a time. However, after a total of 7 treatments in two weeks, my condition was 90% cured. It has now been completely healed afte...

My Bell's palsy was treated and I am able to smiles once again!! file

Gia(Garden Grove) I am 68 years old man who is from Garden Grove, CA. About 6 months ago, I developed ‘Bell’s Palsy’ on the entire right side of my face. I could not smiles like normal and close my eyes. My eyes would hurt so much. That i...

My leg pain and arm tingling are gone now.

Dahlia(Norwalk) I have treated acupuncture here in J acupuncture. My symptom is pain on the right leg and also tingling on the left arm especially at night time. The bad condition was increased a lot frequently. However, after I have treat...

In two weeks, my neck and shoulder became 100% normal!! file

Keith(Newport Beach) I had severe Neck and shoulder pain. I came here VERY apprehensive to acupuncture and nervous of needles. My shoulder and neck very painful and my primary MD recommended acupuncture treatment. I was not convinced but ga...

My Bell's Palsy is gone.

Adela(Tustin) I had Bell's Palsy. I recommend this office. Very professional staff. Treatment was successful.

I now have no pain on lower arm and my grip strength is 90% better file

Lily(Huntington Beach) I had lower arm pain and no grip strength. However, after 6 treatments at J acupuncture, I now have ‘NO’ pain and 90% better on my grip strength. The doctors and assistants here were very nice and knowledgeable. I ...

My dizziness and headaches are gone! file

Merry(Anaheim) After suffering from dizziness and headaches for 1 week, I came into to J acupuncture and see my doctor. His Diagnosis was that it was due to fatigue, stress and lack of sleep which was all true! After my first treatment, I c...

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